Best Memory Cards

I’ve tested several MicroSD cards lately that I found on sale. These are cards from Samsung that I’ve found have the best value to performance.  Digital SLRs with high megapixels need memory cards that can be written to at high speeds, especially if shooting at a high frame rate.  Many SD and MicroSD cards have fast read speeds, but write speeds are usually significantly slower.  I’ve found that several of  Samsung’s MicroSD cards provide both high speed reading and writing and can be found at very reasonable prices.  They all come with adapters so that they fit standard SD card slots.  These cards are also waterproof, extreme temperature proof, x-ray proof, magnet-proof and shock-proof.

I’ve obtained and tested three versions of Samsung’s MicroSD cards: Evo +, Pro and Pro +.  I bench marked several of each (32 GB size) using CrystalDiskMark 5.  The following were my findings:

  • Samsung EVO +, MicroSD, 32 GB: 94 MB/s Read, 74 MB/s Write (Rated 80/20)
  • Samsung Pro, MicroSD, 32 GB: 93 MB/s Read, 79 MB/s Write (Rated 90/80)
  • Samsung Pro +, MicroSD, 32 GB: 93 MB/s Read, 85 MB/s Write (Rated 95/90)

The Pro and Pro + cards bench marked close to the rated speeds.  The big surprise was that the EVO + cards tested at significantly higher than rated speeds, making these cards unbeatable in value for the actual tested speed.

EVO + cards were purchased on sale at Fry’s for $8.99 each during February 2016. Cards were labeled with Part # MB-MC32D, Lot # MBMCBGVEQDFQ-F, Made in Philippines.