Late Spring Wildflowers


Prickly pear cacti bloom among a field of red firewheels in the Texas Hill Country south of Llano.

Bluebonnets are the iconic Texas wildflower that generally bloom in March and April.  Lesser known wildflowers usually bloom later in spring and can be just as impressive, especially in years that have good rainfall.  This past spring was average at best for bluebonnets in the Hill Country, but the other wildflowers are the ones that have really put on a show in May.  Firewheels, greenthread, bitterweed and many others have been blooming in great numbers this year due to all the rainfall brought by El Nino. I will be posting continued updates as spring progresses of which wildflowers are in bloom and where.  I’ve also updated my New Work gallery with pictures of Texas Wildflowers from the current spring season.