Spring in Texas

Spring Wildflowers near Floresville - 3/19/2015

Spring Wildflowers near Floresville – 3/19/2015

A wet fall with continued rain through spring has resulted in a bounty of wildflowers in south central Texas.  Early scouting has shown abundant wildflowers already in bloom in the areas east and south of San Antonio.  This image was taken on 3/18/2015 off of Tx Hwy 97 near Floresville.  The area around Devine, Natalia and Lytle also has great displays of wildflowers including bluebonnets, phlox, groundsel and prickly poppies. This looks to be a very good year for wildflowers, one of the best we’ve seen in a long time due to recent drought. Visit my website for wildflower sighting updates and an extensive collection of photographs to help you identify Texas wildflowers.


Spring Bounty

Spring Bounty - Texas Wildflowers by Gary Regner

Phlox, groundsel, pepper grass, bluebonnets, and prickly poppies blanket a field in south Texas during spring.

When rain is plentiful in fall and winter, spring in Texas can bring a bounty of assorted wildflowers to the countryside.  In 2010, abundant rainfall created a particularly colorful spring display in Atascosa County south of San Antonio. This image was taken on April 3. It is likely that this year wildflowers will appear a bit later due to the recent cold spell that has brought ice and colder than average temperatures to much of Texas.